Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) Cameras: New fall locations

ASE cameras will be placed in the following two new locations in York South-Weston in October 2020:

- Jane Street north of Lambton Avenue

- Rockcliffe Boulevard near Rockcliffe Court

The ASE cameras will remain in their current locations at Brookhaven Drive between Fox Point Road & Nordale Crescent and at Bicknell Avenue between Juliet Crescent and Avon Drive until October 2020.



Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) began operating in the City of Toronto on January 20, 2020. As part of the City's education campaign to inform residents about the new program and the implications of speeding, over 25,000 warning letters were issued to motorists who were detected driving above the posted speed limit in Community Safety Zones near schools.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City suspended or cancelled many City-operated programs and closed several City facilities. During this time, the ASE program was suspended and all Provincial Offences Act courts were closed and proceedings suspended until further notice to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

While critical work continues to be undertaken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the ASE program is expected to begin issuing tickets to speeding motorists on July 6, 2020.

The 50 ASE devices currently deployed will remain in their present locations for approximately 90 days. The ASE systems are mobile in order to address a greater number of areas with safety concerns and to provide a wider-ranging deterrent effect.

Attached you will find the next round of Community Safety Zone sites that will receive an ASE system for approximately 90 days beginning in mid-October 2020.

For further information or to provide comments on the next round of ASE locations, please contact the ASE team at

Barbara Gray, General Manager Transportation Services, City of Toronto

What has been the impact of COVID-19 on ASE?

Warning letter issuance was suspended due to the COVID-19 emergency response measures that are still in place. Prior to the suspension, more than 25,000 warning letters were sent to the registered owners of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit.

Ticketing was expected to begin in April 2020. This was deferred and is now anticipated to begin on July 6, 2020.

What are the fines and penalties?

If a vehicle is detected travelling in excess of the posted speed limit, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a ticket regardless of who was driving. The total payable amount includes the Set Fine under the Provincial Offences Act (Schedule D), a victim fine surcharge and applicable court costs ($5). No demerit points will be issued by the Ministry of Transportation and no one's driving record will be impacted.

There is no Set Fine for instances where a vehicle has exceeded the posted speed limit by 50 km/h or more. A summons will be issued to the registered vehicle owner to appear before a Justice of the Peace.

The City of Toronto's Court Services will be making enhancements to its online services in the near future. The new online services will include the ability for residents to view the photo evidence of their offence and retrieve online disclosure to help inform their decision on their available options – pay the ticket, request an early resolution meeting with the prosecutor or dispute the ticket by requesting a trial.Information on paying or disputing a ticket can be found by visiting the City of Toronto’s Court Services webpage.

How are sites selected?

A two-stage process was developed based on best practices and provincial guidelines. First, an initial screening of all Community Safety Zones near schools were identified and prioritized based on empirical data, which primarily focuses on collisions involving children and other vulnerable road users in addition to vehicle speed data. Once the candidate sites were identified, a manual review of the sites was conducted to ensure they meet the mandatory regulatory, technical and operational requirements for ASE. A full list of criteria used by staff is available at To ensure appropriate distribution across the city, each ward will receive 2 ASE camera locations.

Where are the ASE sites for the October 2020 redeployment?

Attached to this Councillor Bulletin is a map and a list of the planned October 2020 ASE redeployments.

The Province requires municipalities to establish a 90-day warning period in advance of all new ASE system deployments. "Coming Soon" advisory signs will be posted at the new deployment sites. Residents can visit to view an interactive map and list of ASE locations.

How will residents and motorists know about the ASE program?

Signage will be posted advising motorists when they have entered a Community Safety Zone with an ASE system. Motorists should always obey the speed limit posted on signs along the road, and always drive at a speed that will let them stop safely. This means driving below the posted speed limit in bad weather, in heavy traffic or in Community Safety Zones.

The City will also launch a multilingual public education campaign to advise residents on the presence of ASE systems and the dangers of speeding. A digital toolkit will follow in the next few weeks with content for your social media channels.

Who does a resident contact if they have a complaint or question about ASE?

Residents with program-specific complaints, comments or questions should call 311 or email Ticket holders who require further information should refer to the contact information on their ticket or visit the City of Toronto's Court Services website. Residents can also submit a request for the consideration of an ASE system in their neighbourhood by filling in an online form. Lations:

Golfdown Dr. East of Turpin Ave. Mount Olive Dr. West of Kipling Ave. The Kingsway South of Hartfield Rd. Mill Rd. North of Bloor St. W. Mimico Ave. West of Station Rd. Stanley Ave. Near Elizabeth St. Rexford Rd. East of Willard Ave. Mountview Ave. Near 51 Mountview Ave. Rockcliffe Blvd. Near Rockcliffe Court Jane St. North of Lambton Ave. Ancaster Rd. Near Plewes Rd. Dovehouse Ave. West of Keele St. Topcliff Ave. Near 96 Topcliff Ave. Gracedale Blvd. Near Crimscott Rd. Bedford Park Ave. West of Yonge St. Laughton Ave. Near Talbot St. Ruskin Ave. West of Perth Ave. Denison Ave. South of Grange Ave. Brant St. South of Adelaide St. W. Orde St. West of Murray St. Essex St. West of Christie St. Ava Rd. East of Westover Hill Rd. Tweedsmuir Ave. South of Heath St. W. Sherbourne St. South of Wellesley St. E. Berkeley St. South of Gerrard St. E. Dundas St. E. East of Broadview Ave. Lesmount Ave. South of Cosburn Ave. Erskine Ave. West of Redpath Ave. Thorncliffe Park Dr. Near 79 Thorncliffe Park Dr. Fenside Dr. South of Roywood Dr. Underhill Dr. Near Beveridge Dr. Sheppard Ave. E. West of Don Mills Rd. Seneca Hill Dr. West of Don Mills Rd. Doris Ave. North of Spring Garden Ave. Church Ave. East of Doris Ave. Kingston Rd. Near Heyworth Cres. Spruce Hill Rd. North of Queen St. E. Edge Park Ave. East of Victoria Park Ave. Birchcliff Ave. Near Freeman St. Ellesmere Rd. East of Mondeo Dr. Gooderham Dr. South of Murray Glen Dr. Birchmount Rd. North of Bay Mills Blvd. Southlawn Dr. Near Buena Vista Ave. McCowan Rd. North of Kenhatch Blvd. Brimwood Blvd. Near Bridley Dr. Scarborough Golf Club Rd. North of Lawrence Ave E. Holmfirth Terrace West of Vanwart Dr. Charlottetown Blvd. Near McCulley St. Avenue Rd. Near Castlefield Ave. (Pending By-Law 8 Amendment) Durnford Rd. North of Rylander Blvd.