Fairbank Silverthorn Basement Flooding Protection Project - Inlet Control Devices Installation

City of Toronto: Expected June - September 2020


Fairbank Silverthorn Basement Flooding Protection Project Phase 1: Inlet Control Devices Installation (Contract: 20ECS-LU-01TT)

Expected Start Date: June 2020 Expected End Date: September 2020 *Timeline is subject to change. Future notice to be provided.

The City of Toronto is planning to install 55 Inlet Control Devices (ICDs) at the existing road catch basins to alleviate basement flooding. The ICDs restrict the rain water entering the combined sewer system through the catch basins on road and reduce the risk of combined sewer from being full, thus reducing risk of basement flooding. The ICD installation will increase the temporary surface ponding on the street due to reduced rain water going to the combined sewer. The Fairbank Silverthorn Basement Flooding Protection Project includes construction of a large storm trunk sewer, new storm collector sewers, and installing 500 ICDs. The first 55 ICDs are being installed in advance to review their performance before installation in the entire area (see map on page 2). The project is part of the Council-approved Capital Works Program as part of the City’s Basement Flooding Protection Program. The federal Government of Canada has provided significant amount ($73.2 million) of funding for this project. Major construction activity will occur from 2021-2025


The current work at each of the 55 catch basins is short in duration (2 to 4 hours at each location), and will take place near the catch basins located at the street edge. Excavation is not required for this work. So impacts to the road surface and traffic will be minimal.

  • Construction crews will access the catch basin, which they will inspect, clean, and repair as necessary.

  • The crews will then install the inlet control devices inside the catch basin and put a curb paint mark for identification


  • Some local parking restrictions may be in place to ensure vehicles are not parked over catch basins and the contractor can access them. The contractor will coordinate with the home owner, in advance, if driveways will be affected.

  • You may experience dust, noise, and other inconveniences. The City of Toronto will make efforts to reduce the impact on the residential area. We appreciate your patience.

Work Hours: Construction activity on streets will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, Monday to Friday.


If you have questions about the upcoming work, please contact us and quote: Fairbank Silverthorn Basement Flooding Protection Project, Contract No. 20ECS-LU-01TT

Project Manager: Bashir Ahmed, 416-394-8440, Bashir.Ahmed@toronto.ca TY Hearing-impaired Service General inquiries: 416-338-0889 (7 Days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed holidays) 311

Website: toronto.ca/fairbank