Kitchener Corridor Maintenance: Toronto West



Kitchener Corridor Maintenance:

Toronto West

April 20 – May 16, 2021

The GO Transit network acts as a lifeline to the region and we want to ensure that our service remains available to those who depend on it. Starting this spring and continuing through the summer we will be completing essential maintenance work across the network. Safety is central to our work and ongoing maintenance will ensure community and passenger safety by correcting slight geometric defects in our tracks.


Weather permitting, work to align and smooth out the tracks will begin in your community the week of April 20 – May 16, 2021 and continue through to the end of the week. The work will be completed travelling south to north moving approximately 1.5 kms every night. While we plan on working south to north we may revisit areas of the corridor as required. We will do our best to provide advanced notice of any work happening.


  • When work is happening, you may notice crews, equipment and materials on the corridor in your community. You may also notice some preparation work and equipment movements along the corridor as needed.

  • While we do our best to complete track maintenance during the day, most of this work will need to proceed overnight while there is little to no rail traffic.

  • Depending on how close you live to the rail corridor, residents may notice noise and vibrations from the machinery while work is being completed.

  • While you may notice some ambient light from the site, wherever possible, lights will be pointed away from residential areas.

  • The use of back-up beepers, a vital safety measure, will be limited to essential work only.


We have a dedicated Community Relations team available to answer your questions at any time by email or over the phone. For more information, feel free to contact them at the number or email address below. Thank you for your patience while we improve transit to get communities moving.

Toronto West Community Relations

Tel: 416-202-6911 / E-mail:

All dates are subject to change due to weather as required.