Letter to Minister Anand & Minister Hussen re: Epoch Times

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May 14, 2020

Sent via email: anita.anand@parl.gc.ca; ahmed.hussen@parl.gc.ca

Re: Delivery of Epoch Times by Canada Post

Dear Honourable Anita Anand, MP and Honourable Ahmed Hussen, MP, I am reaching out to you regarding concerns that several residents of York South— Weston have expressed to myself regarding the unsolicited Canada Post delivery of a recent Coronavirus-themed edition of the Epoch Times to their homes.

I am taking the volume of calls that I have received from individuals who have taken offence to some of this publication’s content very seriously. York South—Weston is home to a diverse population and I am sympathetic to the negative sentiment this has caused among our community. Many have articulated that they worry about hateful implications derived from the publication’s content.

While the content of the publication may be an exercise of free speech, there is frustration from those who had it delivered to their home by mail that they received the unsought publication at all. The expressed message from residents is that they should not receive this publication if they do not wish to.

Thank you for taking this matter and the views of my constituents into account.

Sincerely, Councillor Frances Nunziata

Ward 5, York South—Weston