Maple Leaf Park Sewer Rehabilitation

City of Toronto - Affected streets: Mayo Dr and Culford Rd.

Expected timeline: August 2020 - May 2021


Start Date Aug. 2020

End Date May 2021

Shift Day

Type of work Sewer Upgrades

Contract # 20TW-CTS-11CWD

Special Notice to Residents: Upcoming Sewer Upgrades in Your Area The City of Toronto will be rehabilitating existing sewer infrastructure in neighbourhoods throughout Toronto. The work is scheduled to begin in August 2020. Depending on the type of repairs required, construction will be completed in two or three phases over a 10-month period. Each construction phase will last approximately three to seven days, and you may see work in different sections of your neighbourhood.

Streets where the work will be taking place under Contract 20TW-CTS-11CWD Mayo Drice and Culford Road.

COVID-19 and Construction Work in Toronto As restrictions on construction have been lifted by the Province of Ontario, City-led infrastructure construction will continue. This work is essential to ensure the City’s infrastructure remain safe, in a state of good repair and able to meet Toronto’s needs. During construction, the contractor is responsible for all aspects of health and safety on site, as specified under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, which includes implementing COVID-19 mitigation practices. For more information on the City's response to COVID-19, please visit

Physical Distancing: There are times when contractors may need to communicate with property owners about what is happening on-site. This could be about driveway access, water shut-offs, exterior pre-construction inspections or site restoration work. Contractor's staff are identifiable by their high-visibility clothing. If the contractor needs to speak with you, they will knock on your door and/or ring the doorbell then step away to keep the required two-meter distance. Please practice physical distancing with all workers on-site so everyone remains safe. If you have questions, please contact the Field Ambassador.

Work Details This rehabilitation work includes cleaning the interior of existing sanitary and storm sewers, installation of a liner inside existing sewers to seal cracks and/or joints, repairs to maintenance holes, as well as upgrades to the City-owned portion of sewer connections, where necessary. Access to the sewer is made through maintenance holes on the street, therefore, the majority of the work will use construction methods that do not require excavation. If excavation is required, the area will be fully restored once construction is complete.

Phase 1 includes a condition assessment where the sewer is inspected with a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) camera to verify the condition. Following Phase 1, the contractor will return to your street two additional times to complete excavation and/or cleaning activities under

Phase 2, and lining activities under Phase 3, if applicable. Please note that there may be a lag time of approximately one to four months between each construction phase.

Work Location For detailed locations please refer to the attached location list or contact one of the AECOM Field Ambassadors at 416-948-5009 or

Work Hours Work will typically take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, unless site-specific conditions require alternative work hours. Work will not take place on statutory holidays.

Service Disruptions Depending on the type of repair, there may be a very short-term sewer service disruption. If this is required, a Service Disruption Notice will be provided by the City-hired contractor approximately 48 hours in advance of the work to notify you of the exact time and duration of the disruption, if applicable.

Please note that you will be asked to avoid using water during the period indicated in the contractor's Service Disruption Notice.

Water will not be shut-off during the disruption, however we ask that you do not allow water down the drain, which includes not using a washing machine, dishwasher, flushing your toilet, or using a sink, shower or bath without the use of a drain stopper during the temporary service disruption. This is to avoid a sewer back-up while your sewer connection is temporarily sealed/plugged. When hand washing, please try to use a drain stopper.

Odour You may experience short-term odours while the sewer is being lined during Phase 3 of construction. Drain pipes are designed to retain water after use to help create a water barrier that prevents odour from entering your home (see illustration to the right).

IMPORTANT: Once you receive the contractor's 48-hour Service Disruption Notice, it is recommended that you pour 1-2 litres of water down every drain (i.e. sinks, showers, bathtub, floor drains) in order to ensure a water barrier is present prior to the lining work. If any type of strong odour is present in your home due to a dry drain or private plumbing issues, please call the contact number noted on the contractor’s Service Disruption Notice for immediate assistance. Alternatively, you may contact the Field Ambassador indicated at the end of this notice.

Construction Noise You may experience intermittent noise and vibration during construction (from vacuum trucks, power generators, air compressors, etc.). All work will comply with the City of Toronto's Noise By-law.

Road and Sidewalk Access In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the active construction work zone. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Driveway Access Typically, driveway access will not be restricted. If temporary restrictions to your driveway are necessary, the contractor will notify you directly in advance of the work.

Traffic Management Efforts have been made to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users and residents. Road users may experience delays as a result of increased traffic on nearby main and side streets if temporary road closures or lane reductions in the work area are required to complete the work safely.

Garbage & Recycling Please follow your normal routine. If required, the contractor will move bins to an appropriate location and return them. Please ensure that you label your bins with your address.


  • Parking in the active work zone is not permitted as space is needed for construction equipment and materials. If your parked vehicle affects the construction work, it will be re-located with no charge to the owner. If your vehicle is moved, please contact parking control for its location at 416-808-2222.

  • If you receive a yellow parking violation notice (ticket) for on-street parking during this period of construction, you may: o Dispute the parking violation notice online or in person following the process listed on the reverse side of the parking violation notice. o Use this construction notice as part of the explanation of why the violation should be cancelled.

  • Please note: violation notices cannot be cancelled if vehicles are parked in illegal parking spots (i.e. in front of a fire hydrant or in no parking zones).

  • Please note, the Project Manager/Field Ambassador does not have the authority to cancel any parking tickets.

Restoration If excavation is required, the construction work area will be restored with sod, seed, concrete and/or asphalt where required. Interlocking bricks, flagstone on a granular base, or other similar features that are removed from public and private property during construction will be replaced. Lawn seeding and/or laying of sod will be done as needed during ideal growing seasons in spring (April to June) and fall (September to October). Permanent restoration of the road and/or sidewalk (concrete) will take place within 18 to 24 months. Field Ambassador 416-948-5009, (7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday – Friday, closed weekends) TTY Hearing Impaired Service 416-338-0889 (7 Days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed holidays)

General inquiries 311

Website These projects are part of the Council-approved Capital Works Program to renew aging infrastructure, reduce the risk of leaks, and ensure continued long-term reliable sewer service.