May 6 - Update

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I have been hearing worries from residents about cars speeding on roads, especially in residential areas. This is very concerning behaviour and I would like to remind drivers to PLEASE SLOW DOWN! There is absolutely no reason to whip down residential streets and endanger yourself, other people, children and pets. 

The Province of Ontario announced today that hydro rates for residents, farms and small businesses will remain at the lowest price, known as the off-peak price, until May 31. Customers who pay time-of-use electricity rates will continue to be billed at the lowest price 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read the news release here.

The Province is now allowing all retail stores with a street entrance to provide curbside pickup and delivery. As of 12:01 AM on May 8, garden centres and nurseries will be allowed to open; as of 12:01 AM on May 9, hardware stores and safety-supply stores will be allowed to open; as of May 11, non-essential retail businesses with a street entrance will be allowed to provide curbside pickup. These businesses will need to follow strict public health measures to protect staff and customers. Read the full news release here.

The City will be doing rehabilitation work on the Gordon MacKay Bridge beginning in July 2020. The work will make sure that the bridge remains safe for vehicles and pedestrians and is expected to last until February 2021. Notices will be delivered to residents in the area and can be viewed online now here.

West Park Healthcare Centre has reached a milestone in the construction of their new hospital campus! The first crane on the construction site is being set up today. It will take about two days to assemble the 200-foot tall crane and there is even a live feed camera of the operation which you can view here!

Thank you to Sherri Lowe from World of Cake Decorating Ltd for bringing 338 cupcakes to the frontline staff at West Park Healthcare Centre!

Please continue to share your inspiring stories of residents and businesses that are going out of their way to help others during this difficult time. Feel free to email my office with your stories or share them online using #YSWcares.


Frances Nunziata


More updates:

City launches ActiveTO plan to provide more space for physical distancing as part of the city's restart and recovery

Today, the City of Toronto announced high-level details of the ActiveTO plan that will provide more space for pedestrians, cyclists as well as transit riders to allow for better physical distancing as part of the city's restart and recovery from COVID-19.

ActiveTO is about making sure people have space to get outside, get around while respecting physical distancing, and - when it comes to the larger bike lane projects - that we have a safety valve when it comes to the TTC. Initiatives under the program include:

-       Creating quiet streets – identifying local routes with traffic calming measures that would enable local car traffic only and opening up space for pedestrians and cyclists,

-       Active transportation on major streets – closing some major roads adjacent to major trails or recreational attractions where crowding on weekends and holidays has been observed, and

-       Expanding cycling network – expanding the cycling network and installing temporary active transportation lanes, as well as expanding and accelerating key parts of the council-approved Cycling Network Plan, that connect the cycling network, as well as bikeways that mirror major TTC routes.

More information is available in the City’s news release, and further details about the ActiveTO plan will be announced next week.

City to distribute PPE to frontline shelter staff and second COVID-19 recovery site to open for homeless

Today, the City announced that starting next week, we will distribute 35,000 masks weekly to City and sector partners for frontline shelter staff. This is on top of personal protective equipment (PPE) we’ve already distributed and $6.1 million for PPE, infection control & wages for partner agencies.

As well, the City of Toronto with University Health Network, Inner City Health Associates and other partners are opening a 2nd recovery site for homeless who are COVID-19 positive. This site opens Friday with up to 250 spaces along with the current 200-bed recovery site. Wrap-around health, harm reduction and peer supports are provided. This program is a unique integrated model of care for the City’s most vulnerable to recover in a dignified way. 

Wildlife in Toronto

The public is reminded to never interfere with, handle or feed wildlife in Toronto. Wildlife that lose their fear of humans can pose dangers to people, as well as themselves. Dog owners are also reminded to keep their dogs on a leash at all times. If you see injured, sick or very young wildlife, call 311. More information is available at

Mental health support during COVID-19

Many people may be feeling anxious, unsure and even scared at this time. These are normal and healthy responses to unexpected or stressful situations. Being taken out of our regular daily routines and distanced from our support groups and family is hard and many are struggling as a result. Reach out to friends by phone or video chat, stay active while staying at home, and do your best to eat well and get lots of rest. More information including tips and mental health support services can be found on the City's website.

Toxic Taxi Service Resumes

The Toxic Taxi service for pickup of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) has been resumed. Pickup must be prearranged by calling 311 to make an appointment. There is a maximum of 50 litres/kilograms and minimum of 10 litres/kilograms per pickup (equivalent to 10 full standard household paint cans). Details about what is accepted and how to properly set it out are available on the Household Hazardous Waste web page under “Proper Disposal Options.”

City of Toronto update on COVID-19

As of this afternoon, there are 6,665 cases of COVID-19 in Toronto. Cases include 6,019 confirmed cases and 646 probable cases. There are 391 cases hospitalized, with 99 in intensive care units. We continue to see COVID-19 deaths; to date, 504 people in Toronto have died from COVID-19. Case status data can be found on the City’s reporting platform.

The decreasing number of COVID-19 cases represents residents’ commitment to public health measures and protecting the community, but we need to continue remaining diligent and continue to practise physical distancing when outside.

Update on enforcement activity

The fight against COVID-19 continues and the majority of Toronto residents are doing their part to help stop the spread of this virus. Yesterday, the City received 210 complaints involving people using outdoor amenities or not practising physical distancing in parks. Bylaw and police officers issued one ticket – bringing the total number of tickets issued under City's physical distancing bylaw and the Province’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act to 621 since April 3. Bylaw and police officers have spoken to more than 14,000 people in City parks about the closures and public health measures.

The City also received 27 complaints yesterday related to non-essential businesses remaining open. Since March 24, Municipal Licensing & Standards and Toronto Public Health have issued 113 tickets and 236 notices to non-essential businesses.

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