October 1 - Update

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Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I have been receiving a high volume of calls regarding the ongoing Basement Flooding Protection Program and Sewer Upgrades throughout the Weston area. I recognize that construction can be quite disruptive, particularly given that so many residents are working from home, but this is a significant and necessary investment into critical City infrastructure upgrades in the neighbourhood. I do share the concerns of residents regarding the lack of communication from the contractor about project timelines and particularly about road closures. My office has been in touch with the contractor and project coordinator to encourage more clarity on this. A notice will be delivered to area residents over the coming days that provides another street-by-street update as well as clear indication of road closures. This notice can be previewed here.  Overnight sewer work will be conducted tonight on Weston Road. Work will begin at 9 PM at 2240 Weston Rd and 2255 Weston Rd. and will involve connection of sanitary sewers. It needs to be completed in the evening due to higher volumes of water during the day. A notice of this work can be found here.  Sincerely, Frances

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