October 8 - Update

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Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Since the City began providing neighbourhood maps that illustrate the distribution of COVID-19 cases across Toronto in May this year, we learned that neighbourhoods in York South—Weston are experiencing overall higher case counts than the rest of the city. New data that was reported this week on the overall percent of COVID-19 test positivity rates by neighbourhood indicates that rates in York South—Weston are alarming and disproportionately high compared to other parts of Toronto. While I was able to make the case for the need for a permanent COVID-19 Assessment Centre in Weston, and although we've had some pop-up testing locations throughout our ward, it is clear that this alone is not enough to deal with the high infection rates in our communities. I share the worries of residents who I've heard from and find this very concerning.  Yesterday, I wrote to Toronto's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eileen de Villa, to urge Toronto Public Health to implement more robust prevention strategies and to report back on what can be done. A copy of that letter can be viewed here Sincerely, Frances

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