Rogers Road Bridge - Overnight Repair Work

Metrolinx: June 24-25th


ONGOING CONSTRUCTION ALONG THE LAKESHORE WEST CORRIDOR GO Expansion involves improving, updating, and modernizing our infrastructure, including tracks, bridges, and stations so that we can increase service and connect you to our region today and tomorrow. It also involves extensive maintenance efforts to ensure that our services run safely and efficiently. We want to let you know about track work, which will impact you.


  • Date: June 24th-25th

  • Time: This work will take place overnight from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on the 25th.


  • We have reached substantial completion the Rogers Road bridge

  • There will be some night work near the Rogers Rd on on June 24th

  • They will be working to remove the temporary track crossing at Helen Ave, restore and clean the site and reinstall the fence.

  • After that the bridge can be considered to have reached substantial completion.

  • There will be some steel repairs below the bridge in the month of July for a few nights.

  • There was some severely corroded steel discovered at the time of sandblasting the bridge. The steel repair work won’t be noisy and they won’t use Helen Ave for access.

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