Statement on Mayor Tory's Recommendations for Changes to Policing in Toronto


Councillor Frances Nunziata

Council Speaker

Toronto City Council

Ward 5 York South—Weston

June 25, 2020

Statement from Councillor Frances Nunziata on Mayor Tory’s Recommendations for Changes to Policing in Toronto

I support the recommendations put forward by Mayor Tory to accelerate the pace of police reform in Toronto and to develop alternative models of crisis response. The changes put forward will lead to a reduction of the Toronto Police Service budget that will allow for reinvestment in critical community and social services.

There is a need for a shift in the way that racial injustice, policing, and crisis response are approached. Torontonians have made this message clear over the past several weeks, and we need to alter our policing model to eradicate systemic racism.

The recommendations put forward ensure that we are engaging with the public and also taking a concrete and carefully calculated approach to implement changes to the Toronto Police Service to improve the lives of marginalized populations in our city. Certain crisis responses do not require police officers to attend the scene, and I strongly support the recommendations to develop alternative service delivery models for community safety.

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