Update - November 18

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Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I know that most of us are struggling with 'quarantine fatigue' on some level, but I must remind everyone that we can't let our guard down in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

We are well into the second wave of the pandemic with daily infection rates reported across the city in numbers much higher than they were in the spring and summer. As of this past weekend, Toronto is officially in the 'Red' category of the provincial COVID-19 response framework, and the City's Medical Officer of Health issued a Section 22 Order last Saturday to strengthen COVID-19 protection.

The new guidelines impose restrictions that have immediate impacts on businesses as well as our social lives. It isn't easy to adjust to frequently changing rules and recommendations. It also isn't easy living with the uncertainty of whether rent payments can be made, whether one's business will stay afloat or whether our loved ones are staying healthy.

However, we must continue to do our best to follow the guidelines that are in place. COVID-19 is unfortunately still with us, and the trend is going in the wrong direction. If we are all vigilant in following public health advice and we all remember to 'Practice Safe 6ix' then we can all get through this together and sooner.



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