Update - October 22

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Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Waste Reduction Week in Canada 2020 is held from October 19 to 25 as reminder of the ways we can reduce waste to minimize garbage going to landfill.

Ever wonder why Toronto can’t take black plastic in the Blue Bin recycling or items marketed as compostable such as coffee pods and cutlery in the Green Bin organics? Do you know why it’s worth it to recycle and important to recycle right? The City has created a series of videos to help answer these questions. The videos are featured on the City’s Blue Bin and Green Bin web pages as well as the City’s YouTube channel.   

Read on to find out about the Weston Community Cleanup planned for this weekend, as well as instructions for COVID-19 waste disposal

Visit toronto.ca/reduce-reuse to learn tips to help you reduce waste all year long!



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