Weston GO Station - Platform Construction

Metrolinx: Construction expected April - May 2021


GO Expansion Construction Notice

Information as of: March 19, 2021

Weston GO Station - Platform

Construction: April-May 2021


Change is coming to Weston GO Station to improve safety at the platform level, with the installation of yellow tactile safety tiles at the edge of the train platforms, and repair and placement platform curbs.

This construction work is necessary for the GO Expansion, which continues to improve, update and modernize our infrastructure. Metrolinx is making improvements to 29 stations as part of the Early Stations Improvement project which will enable future infrastructure projects necessary for GO Transit expansion. Community Relations is working diligently to inform you of work impacts that may affect you.


This work will take place at Weston GO station, which is on the Kitchener Line. Construction will take place on both the north and south platforms, which serve three sets of tracks and two trains – the Kitchener Line and the UP Express Line. The north platform serves two tracks and the south platform serves one track. Construction will begin on the north platform.

Why? GO Expansion will increase the frequency and number of GO trains across the rail network, reduce congestion and connect a growing region with fast, reliable transit options to get you where you need to go. As safety is a priority for Metrolinx, these tactile safety tiles are a reminder for passengers to stand behind the yellow platform at all times.


• This work will take place overnight from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.

• The work will take place in three phases, from April 5 – April 22, April 22 – May 11, and May 11 – May 28. Regular service will resume on May 29.


• The work will result of one track on both the east and sides of the station, resulting in adjustments to the UP Express schedule in order to run UP Express and Kitchener service using only two tracks. These adjustments will only take place during the weekdays overnight, not impacting weekend service.

• This work will not affect how you board the train. Your train may not stop at its usual platform. Please look at the departure boards to ensure you wait on the right platform for your train.

• All pedestrian tunnels and elevators will remain open during construction.

• This work will not impact weekend service.


• There will be noise impacts to the surrounding neighbourhood during the nighttime.

Cet avis de travaux de construction est disponible en français sur demande.

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